Celebration Center promotes a fun-loving, safe learning environment for our children. When looking for new staff members, we seek individuals who are Christ followers, personable, friendly, and who genuinely love children. Teachers must fully understand the developmental process young children go through and show respect for them. A key component of our culture is based around an atmosphere of fun and playfulness. The administration prides itself on providing opportunities for the staff to learn and play together throughout the year.

Celebration Center’s teachers are expected to continue their education until they obtain a minimum of an Associate’s degree in early childhood education and are encouraged to obtain their Bachelor’s degree as well. We will provide a minimum of 20 hours of professional training each year for all of our staff members.

If you meet the criteria to be a part of our wonderful Celebration Center team, we welcome you to apply. Please call 925-240-5437 to enquire about joining our team. We look forward to hearing from you.