Preschool – 2-5 Year Olds

Celebration Center’s Preschool program is committed to nurturing the whole child socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Our first priority is your child and we want you to find comfort in knowing that we are fully committed to their well-being and success at our center. A developmentally appropriate learning curriculum will be provided including large and small motor activities, reading and math readiness, science, art, language, music, literature, and Bible concepts/stories. Celebration Center is a happy, loving, and fun place for your child to learn and grow.

We proudly offer a teacher to child ratio of 1:10 which is below the 1:12 ratio required by the State of CA.. Our preschool program is taught by highly qualified teachers who have all met the State of California educational requirements. We are happy to be able to say that the majority of our teachers have been with us for over five years!

At Celebration Center, we believe in a developmental approach to learning. While play is important and encouraged, we also use the Core Knowledge curriculum. This curriculum utilizes a sequential method to teach language arts, math, science, history, geography, visual arts, and music. These subjects are taught in fun and exciting ways designed to grab your child’s attention and motivate them during the learning process. Your child will build bridges, learn about whales, create Venn diagrams, and so much more!

We believe working closely with families and having an established line of communication with them is imperative in making sure each child is receiving the right tools and attention they need for success. Celebration Center wants families to be open with any concerns they have during their child’s learning journey. Parent conferences are held twice a year which gives the parent an opportunity to see their child’s progress through the year. We continue to be encouraged year after year by the positive feedback we receive from both parents and school teachers informing us that our students are well prepared for kindergarten.

When your child graduates from Celebration Center’s Preschool program, you can expect them to be fully ready for kindergarten. They will not only be academically prepared, but also have the appropriate social and emotional skills to excel and thrive in their new, larger learning environment. We know that socialization and interaction with peers is as important as academics. We teach a program at our center which gives the children tools to work through various social situations called The Tool Box. It is an excellent program we have used for the last three years and continue to see significant results.

There are multiple activities provided throughout the whole day by our creative teachers. One example from a four-year-old class, as they studied bridges, they learned vocabulary words such as suspension bridge, trestle bridge, viaduct, and arch bridge. They then built their own bridges with spaghetti noodles and tested them to see if they could sustain the weight of different objects. The acronym KWL (know, wonder, and learn) is used to help encourage critical thinking skills: “What do we know about this bridge?” “What do we wonder about bridges?” “What did we learn about bridges?” Their answers were put on a chart that stayed up during the theme of study. We use KWL across the majority of our lessons to keep consistency. Teachers often have the children draw what they have learned to further solidify their new knowledge.

Our center opens at 6:30. Breakfast is offered for children that arrive before 7:45. Between 8:00- 9:00 AM if the weather permits, they will be able to go out on the playground to enjoy the outdoors.

Our preschoolers have access to large classrooms with a family living area, a block section, listening area, books and music area, art area, manipulative area, and restrooms nearby. We believe the Celebration Center Preschool program stands out above the rest because we have a great curriculum, a beautiful campus, and teachers that are passionate about teaching and caring for children. Parents have commented often, “this place just feels different” because of the love, attention, and warmth we show each child.