Intergenerational Program

Participants in the Celebration Center Senior Day Program will have opportunities to interact periodically with the children from Celebration’s preschool or  school age program. Activities such as arts and crafts, reading, sing-alongs, gardening and learning opportunities will be offered. These visits are supervised by the teachers and Senior Care staff and those not wanting to participate will be accommodated with other activities.

Respite Care

Memory Care

Brain Gym

“The intergenerational model is very compelling. Research validates that preschool children involved in intergenerational programs have higher personal/social development scores than those in child care only programs. Children who regularly participate in a shared site have enhanced perceptions of older adults. For older adults, regular interaction with children results in an atmosphere that is more family/home like and promotes social enrichment and renewed interest in others. Older adults who spend extended time with children burned more calories, experienced fewer falls, were less reliant on canes, and demonstrated improved memory. Older adults with cognitive impairments experience more positive affect during interactions with children.”

Jarrott, S & Bruno, K (2003) American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias. Vol. 18, No.1